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Bike Build Guide

Words by Team Cycles

on 15/02/2021 10:06:59

Bike Build

Your bike has already been through a full pre delivery inspection by one of our professional trained mechanics however to enable us to safely and securely pack your bike for transit we have had to remove the front wheel/spin the handle bars and remove the pedals.



Remove the bike from the box / remove all packing.



Install the front wheel by placing the it in the drop outs, with your bike there will either be a QR axle or thru axle which secures the wheel to the fork.

This is normally found in the accessories box



Install the handle bars straight to the manufactures torque that can normally be found on the stem.

If you need help with this please give us a call



Install the pedals.

Left pedal is anti clock wise to tighten/right pedal is clock wise

Once these steps are complete, you can now enjoy riding your new bike!