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Words by Team Cycles

on 14/05/2019 16:22:52

Electric Bikes (E-Bikes) are just as a normal bike, however they are much easier to ride as they aid your ride and allow you to go to places you thought weren’t possible.

The assistance is adjustable via a small control switch, so you can choose how much power you need, or you can completely disengage and ride unassisted, the harder you push the faster the motor takes you. Allowing you to ride for longer and reduce fatigue, without feeling like you are on a motorbike, instead you still get the joys of riding a bicycle, difference is rather than ride for one hour you can ride for three! What’s not to like?

Now Delivering Locally Within a 40km Radius!


Our Range

At Team Cycles we have an ever-increasing range. There’s an electric bike for everyone, from hybrid to cross country, trail and enduro. Some of the bikes are equipped with the Shimano Steps power assistance, this has a very smooth, natural feeling and under acceleration very much like riding a conventional bike.


What are the range of STEPS?

The range varies depending on the riding conditions, for example hilly areas, wind, tyre pressure etc. High mode will go approx. 44 miles, normal mode 62 miles and Eco mode 93 miles.



Team cycles have recently tested some of the powerful fuel suspension Trek E-bikes bikes at local trails around the North East; Chopwell woods , Hamsterley forest, Thrunton woods, The Cheviots, including some of the black routes which include rougher faster descents with more technical climbs- this is where the electric bike excelled, allowing conservation of energy for the descents.

Increased battery life

With battery runtimes increasing to allow up to 93 miles per charge and smart technology in the head units of these bikes, including turbo, sport, E-MTB and economy modes, all adjustable from the handlebars whilst riding, they are quickly becoming a popular choice for many people, including mountain bikers, commuters & casual riders.

Professionals have been known to use e-bikes as training machines, allowing multiple runs around a trail centre before tiring, giving hours of technical practice and bike handling training. If the pros use them, why can’t we all?


Why Choose E-Bikes?

There are so many reasons to ride one, a favourite example of mine is my friend John, 50 years of age, he rides a couple of hours a week, his son rides 10 hours a week and is much younger and fitter, how will they ever ride together with such a huge difference in fitness? This is where the bike comes to the force, John now rides the local trails with his much younger fitter son whereas before without the electric bike he wouldn’t have been able to.

Our experienced staff are Shimano Steps and Bosch E-bike trained, so any maintenance, troubleshooting and updating can be done in store at Team Cycles North East, we service a wide range of electric bikes and stock a good selection from Trek and Whyte.

We have a fantastic range of demo Electric Eikes, allowing you to really feel how great these power assisted bikes are, so if your not 100% sold yet, come try before you buy- you certainly won’t be disappointed. We also offer local delivery at a 30-mile radius of the shop on ALL our E-bikes, so what are you waiting for? Please call us on 0191 300 1590 now to book your demo ride or to find out more about these revolutionary machines!