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How Often Should I Get My Bike Serviced?

Words by Team Cycles on 15/05/2019 15:07:45

Servicing intervals depend on riding conditions, but there are a few ways to tell if your bike is due a service

A chain usually lasts about 800-1000 miles in normal conditions. Mountain biking is tougher on chains however, giving them a range of about 400-600 miles. Replacing chains regularly saves wear on other more expensive components, like cassettes and worse, chain sets -which can cost hundreds to replace.

    Keep an eye on your brake pads. Ideally you should know how thick they should be, but if there isn't much material, it probably has done enough miles to need a service.

    It sounds simple, but a "drop test" can sometimes let you know if something isn't right. Simply lift the bike from the floor, maybe 20cm, and drop it onto its tyres (catch it! don't drop your bike!). Ideally the bike should be almost silent. If any parts rattle, it indicates loose components, worn or damaged parts. It might be worth bringing in just to have it looked over.

    We recommend bringing your bike in earlier than problems arise, to prevent them rather than fix them. if you bring your bike in, we check it, and everything is working as it should, we wont charge you! Its better to keep on top of it than to ride it until something breaks.

Not riding a bike can also lead to issues. A lot of bikes need servicing if they have been stood for a while. A classic example is the bike that has been left in the shed/Garage over winter.

This is due to a few reasons

Corroded brake and gear cables
Seized gear mechanisms
Dried tyres or inner tubes
Rusty chains
Dried out bearings

We recommend purchasing a "Chain checker" tool, which can inform you when a chain is wearing out, allowing you to keep track of component wear as well as the chain itself. Simply place it on the chain, and the gauge will tell you how worn it is, from 0-1 (0.75 means time for a new chain. 1 means the cassette is most likely worn too)

If you'd like to book your bike in for a service you can do this online at