7 iDP Flex Knee Pads

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Our Flex Knee pads covers the needs of a wide range of trail riders looking for a soft pad internally but a hard shell externally when the impacts come their way. Abrasion resistant material covers the front and sides to give a full on protection package.

  • Our Centre Strap system imparts pressure evenly across the thigh via two straps meaning less tension is needed to keep the pads in place when combined with the wide internal silicone strip.
  • Our Flex Knee pad also utilizes the Over Calf straps found across the SeveniDP range. Sitting high on the calf with this positioning meaning the natural shape of the calf muscle is employed to stop the pads from slipping down.ClothingP
  • Combining a hard shell as well as heat moulding foam the Flex Knee pad combines to form ultimate protection with the comfortable feel of a soft pad. The pad of choice for the legend that is Steve Peat.
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