K-Edge Pro Combo Mount XL for Garmin Edge 1000 and Action camera interfaces

The KE1505 Combo Mount might just be the ultimate mount Its purpose is to hold a Garmin computer on top and an action camera or bike light underneath  What makes all the difference is in the details K-Edge Garmin mounts lock your computer in with confidence
  • Using a technically advanced locking system and a proprietary co-polymer interface, you get a truly definitive clunk, when you have twisted your Garmin into the locked position
  • The insert has been designed and extensively tested with the purpose of breaking away prior to your computer body tabs in an emergency situation
  • Over - Garmin Edge 1000, 810, 800 and Touring computers
  • Under - Action Camera style interfaces, plus Electron F350 and F650 lights
  • Improves video quality by removing plastic mount shake
  • Compatible: 35.0mm diameter handlebars, 100% carbon bar safes
  • Lifetime guarantee
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