“2022 Best Folding E-Bike” – Lets have a look!

Before we got our hands on the MiRiDER ONE Folding E-Bike, all of us at Team Cycles had a feeling this bike would change the way we commute to work and back but we were not expecting this…  

Not only does this bike fold down fast for when you are catching the metro, hopping on the bus, or storing the bike at work. Its compact design allows riders to have a stylish look which is very modern and the confidence to ride at speeds with its sturdy framework.  

But firstly, allow me to go through what we feel are the key aspects of the 2022 Best Folding E-Bike… 

Immediately, I would like to talk you through the battery. Given that this is an electric bike, the first few questions I hear about these bikes are; “What’s the range like?” “How Long does it take to charge?” “How fast can you go?” etc…etc…etc.  

This bike comes with a 7ah / 252wh Samsung battery which powers the 250-watt rear hub motor. The battery and motor combo on this MiRiDER ONE Folding E-Bike allows for an extended range of up to 45 assisted miles compared to their older models, giving you ample miles in the tank to get you to and from work. Now for a bike of this size, that certainly packs a punch!  

However, if your place of work is over the 45-mile range that this tiny bike has to offer, just get a car…. only joking! Do not let this put you off, the charge time of this machine should keep you interested. Using a standard 3 pin plug charger you can expect to get from 0-100% between 2-3 hours, which gives you enough time to collect all your work pals lunch orders in time for the lunch run (cycle). Unfortunately, this might turn into a regular occurrence for you haha. You also won’t need to worry about getting back late either…the speeds you can get up to on this bike are second to none, with a pedal assist top speed of 15.5 mph and 5 levels of power input, it makes this bike consistently and conveniently easy to ride. Just make sure Paul’s Chicken Tikka sandwich is securely stored in your panniers before you zoom off back to the office.  

Alongside its excellent battery and motor power, this bike has a lot more to offer than just a bit of “oomf.” Should your commute to work be a bit on the “technical” side taking on dirt tracks and those old disused railway lines, the MiRiDER ONE ticks all those boxes to be able to allow you to cycle with confidence with its lightweight yet robust framework. The connections where the bike folds feel rugged and not something to be of concern, should you inevitably hit a dreaded pothole. The added little bit of rear suspension will help as well, MiRiDER have made an inspirationally designed bike which can tackle mostly any type of terrain…they even have the option to upgrade your slick hybrid tyres to a hardier “off-road” tyre for only £40 for the pair. 

The off-road capabilities lead on perfect for my next positive about this bike. Not only do we feel that this bike is perfect for commuting, the MiRiDER ONE is perfect for those short camping holidays should you wish to explore local towns and villages and maximise the use of space in your vehicle, we all know camping trips can make your car or camper quite snug once you have got all your kit in!  

I must stress again, do not worry about the battery. On the off-road trails the battery and motor will still perform to the same standard as it does on the flat city roads. To put it into perspective, if you like the Lake District and find yourself fancying a tootle into Keswick, you can cycle around the entirety of Derwentwater over 4 times and still have enough juice to get you back to your tent. 

The only thing we feel like they could have done better is their colour options…actually, who am I kidding? The MiRiDER ONE comes in a whopping 10 assorted colours, such as Polar White, Platinum Silver, Solar orange and even comes in a classic Union Flag Edition! 

Overall, this bike has blown us away, the opportunities this bike gives its riders are fantastic, this is the perfect commuting and leisure bike which can ergonomically squeeze itself into most, if not every riding situation you find yourself in.  

The battery life is great, the motor packs a punch, the comfort of riding this bike outstanding. There is not much really to complain about on this bike. The MiRiDER ONE Folding E-Bike retails at £1595 which is the average price point of an electric folding bike, however we feel this is terrific value for money for what you get with the bike. So, get yourself out there and feel the power of this folding e-bike.