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2020 Whyte Electric Mountain Bikes

Team Cycles | 12/09/2019 08:35:15

We are proud to offer the newest range of high-performance eMTBs from Whyte Bikes. Combining Whyte’s cutting-edge geometry, handling and performance characteristics with the new powerful, compact and lightweight Gen 4 system from Bosch, these.... More

The Naughty Northumbrian!

Team Cycles | 13/08/2019 13:06:24


Whyte E-150 RS Review – The Wait is Over

Team Cycles | 12/08/2019 15:59:01

You may already have seen sneak-preview images of Whyte’s new eMTBs – floating impossibly high through huge jumps. It’s clear Whyte are pitching their bikes at enthusiasts, so how does the new Whyte E-150 RS stack up against the competition? .... More

Now Reduced: Trek 2019 Bikes!

Team Cycles | 23/07/2019 15:56:43

MOUNTAIN BIKES Trek Remedy 8 Retail: £2,700 Price: £2,430 A light and tough Alpha Platinum Aluminum frame, a 160mm RockShox.... More

On Sale At Team Cycles

Team Cycles | 22/07/2019 15:10:59


Gerard’s Tour De France Journey!

Team Cycles | 19/07/2019 08:36:46

Shop rider, and good friend Gerard set off on his 2019 Tour de France adventure earlier this month. The route is both technical and challenging but nothing that an experienced rider like Garard can't handle! We followed Gerard's journey closely and have reported back on his adventures and anchievments! Great.... More

Whyte 2020 Bikes Now Out!

Team Cycles | 08/07/2019 09:26:26

Whyte have lots of amazing bikes to look forward to going into the 2020 season! Designed in the UK Whyte know how to build bikes for the British weather and roads. There are plenty of great bikes to choose from for 2020. .... More

E-bike Cycle To Work scheme without the £1000 limit launched by UK government

Team Cycles | 11/06/2019 11:15:00

The UK government has refreshed its Cycle To Work scheme guidance, with the option added to apply it to e-bike purchases. With few e-bikes available at below the old £1000 maximum, the new guidance lets employers’ schemes provide e-bikes and equipment worth over this value..... More

Bontrager: Wavecel Technology

Team Cycles | 06/06/2019 16:22:53

A major advancement in the protection against cycling-related head injuries What is WaveCel? WaveCel is a revolutionary, Bontrager-exclusive helmet technology that has been shown in a recent study to be up to.... More

Trek Madone: Super Bike Of The Year!

Team Cycles | 04/06/2019 14:49:21

Winner of best superbike in our annual Bike of the Year awards is the latest evolution of Trek’s flagship aero bike Before I get into the nitty gritty of the Trek Madone SLR 9’s phenomenal quality, let’s just look at that price tag. Yes, that’s right, it’s.... More

How Often Should I Get My Bike Serviced?

Team Cycles | 15/05/2019 15:07:45

Servicing intervals depend on riding conditions, but there are a few ways to tell if your bike is due a serviceA chain usually lasts about 800-1000 miles in normal conditions. Mountain biking is tougher on chains however, giving them a range of about 400-600 miles. Replacing chains regularly saves wear on other more expensive components, like cassettes and worse, chain.... More

Tips & Tricks For the ELEMNT BOLT GPS Bike Computer | Wahoo

Team Cycles | 15/05/2019 14:02:42

The new Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT GPS bike computer is packed with features that allow you to accomplish almost anything on your ride – from monitoring your heart rate to tracking down the closest coffee shop. Learn what tips and tricks you should know in order to make the most of your new GPS unit.                     .... More

Bike Fit

Team Cycles | 15/05/2019 12:17:18

Starting from £80 Why Precision Fit? Precision Fit is an investment in the enjoyment of your bicycle, and a commitment to.... More

Indoor Training

Team Cycles | 14/05/2019 16:42:01

Wahoo Fitness Here at Team Cycles, we spend our time hand picking the best brands in the world to stock in.... More


Team Cycles | 14/05/2019 16:22:52

Electric Bikes (E-Bikes) are just as a normal bike, however they are much easier to ride as they aid your ride and allow you to go to places you thought weren’t possible. The assistance is adjustable via a small control switch, so.... More