Liam talks us through RSL wheels

Stands for “Race Shop Limited” these products are developed at Trek HQ (Waterloo Wisconsin USA)  

The Aeolus RSL has been designed using a supercomputer with special 3D modelling software. This design technology has been used to study the effects of drag and turbulence in real time and model the entire wheel.  

The wheels utilise a wide rim profile, this in turn manipulates the tyre into a faster rolling shape. Not only that, this design approach allows the wheels to be stable, responsive, and lightweight. Bontrager market this family as their fastest wheelset ever! 

Line up  

There are 4 offerings in the line-up; 

Number represents the depth of the rim. Shallow rims are better for training in all weathers conditions and are lighter, but deep rims have a better aerodynamic advantage = faster race times 

>AEOLUS RSL 37 (lightest offering @ 1325g)

>AEOLUS RSL 51 (great all-rounder)

>AEOLUS RSL 62 (pairs nicely with the Madone)

>AEOLUS RSL 75 (Ideal for racing time trial)

All wheels are clincher style and tubeless-ready.  Rims are constructed with the very best OCLV carbon. Laced to DT Swiss 240 hubs, instant engagement and a satisfying freewheel noise (for all you ASMR enthusiasts)  

Warrantied for life and come with trek’s carbon care program (reduced cost replacement in the event of a crash) 

Wheels are one of the most pivotal and noticeable upgrades to any bike. If you’re looking to take your bike to the next level, this is it. 


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