Voted Lightweight E-Bike of the Year, the Whyte Bikes E-Lyte 150 is redefining the e-bike landscape. Lightweight “SL” e-bikes are gaining traction for good reason—they offer the thrill of traditional mountain biking on descents while providing a helpful boost on climbs. The Whyte Bikes E-Lyte 150 is at the forefront of this trend. Combining a featherlight frame with a powerful motor, it delivers an unparalleled riding experience whether you’re heading uphill or downhill.

Why the E-Lyte 150 Stands Out

Advanced Motor Technology: The E-Lyte 150 is equipped with Bosch’s new SX motor, boasting 600 watts of peak power while weighing just 2 kg. This motor provides a smooth, powerful ride that matches full-power e-bikes.

Lightweight Frame: Whyte has crafted the E-Lyte 150 with a full-carbon frame, achieving an impressive weight of just 16.4 kg (36.1 lbs) for the lightest model. This makes it one of the lightest e-bikes in its class.

Key Features of the E-Lyte 150

  • Frame: Full-carbon
  • Wheel Size: 29″ front & rear
  • Suspension: 142mm rear / 150mm front
  • Motor: Bosch SX, 55 Nm, 600W peak
  • Battery: 400 Wh (with optional 250 Wh range extender)
  • Geometry: Adjustable head tube angle (64-64.6°) and reach (435-510mm)
  • Weight: 19.5 kg (43 lbs for XL model)
  • Price: £9,999* (includes range extender)
  • Warranty: 4-year frame, lifetime on bearings

Performance Breakdown

Climbing: The E-Lyte 150 excels in efficient climbing. The Bosch SX motor encourages a higher cadence, maximizing power output. Despite its moderate torque, the 155 mm cranks aid in maintaining a faster, more efficient pedal stroke. However, technical climbs can be challenging due to the motor’s low torque at slow speeds.

Descending: The E-Lyte 150 truly shines on descents. Its low bottom bracket and slack head angle provide stability and confidence on steep and technical terrain. The adjustable geometry allows for precise handling, making it easy to maneuver through tight turns and over obstacles.

Suspension and Setup

The E-Lyte 150 features a classic Horst-link suspension with a clevis-driven shock, offering a balanced ride with minimal pedal bob. The leverage curve is progressive, ensuring a supple start and supportive end to the suspension travel. The bike is equipped with top-tier components like Fox 36 Factory forks and Hope Tech4 V4 brakes for reliable performance.

The Whyte E-Lyte 150 is the best-handling e-bike I’ve ridden. Its combination of lightweight design, powerful motor, and adjustable geometry makes it ideal for riders who prioritize fun and performance on descents. Voted Lightweight E-Bike of the Year, the E-Lyte 150 sets a new standard in the e-bike market. If you’re looking for an e-bike that can quickly tackle climbs and offer maximum enjoyment on the way down, the E-Lyte 150 is a fantastic choice.

Explore more about the Whyte E-Lyte 150 at and experience the next level of trail riding.

*Price of bike at time of writing.


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