Team Cycles Ambassador Liam gives us his race run down on representing Great Britain in the European Championships 2023

Liam came 8th Overall and 3rd (Bronze Medal) in his Age Group in the Sprint Distance Duathlon- An Incredible achievement!

RACE REPORT: Sprint distance duathlon European champs at Caorle 🇮🇹🇬🇧🥉

This was my first AG championship, and I came into it hoping I was back to somewhere close to what I was pre accident. Training was good, but a little rushed leading up to this leading to a few niggles. Taped up and hopeful, I got here and gave it my best!

Run 1 🏃 this went really well, I wanted to be in that front pack and stay comfortable for the flat and fast bike.

Transition 1 👌 this went perfectly, I’d practiced this a lot knowing it was something I wasn’t great at, and I was one of the first out of transition into the bike!

Bike 🚴 had a fantastic group of 7, working together to complete the course with an average speed of almost 40kph (25mph). I wanted to push on and get a bit of a gap for T2, but nothing came off so I’d wasted quite a bit of energy.

Transition 2 ❌ this is where I fell out of contention. I’d been struggling with a cramping glute coming up to champs (the niggle mentioned earlier) and it happened as I tried to put my run trainers back on. I then also struggled to actually get the shoes on, so missed the final run pack. Mistakes made, lessons learned, I know what to work on.

Run 2 🏃🤕 having seen the lead group run off into the distance, and have a pretty comfortable gap to the group behind, my head went down and I coasted home with a cramping glute. Couldn’t help but wonder what could have been if I hadn’t made the mistake in T2, but still chuffed to have brought home the bronze in my age group and 8th overall 🥉

I’m competing at world’s in Ibiza at the end of April, and feel more motivated than ever to push on harder! 🇪🇸🇬🇧🏃🚴🏃


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