In the heart of Newcastle, where the iconic Tyne Bridge gracefully spans the River Tyne, a period of necessary roadworks is upon us. But fret not, dear commuters, for we present a revolutionary solution that not only navigates the roadwork hassles but transforms your daily commute into a sustainable, cost-effective, and health-conscious adventure. Enter the world of electric bikes, where all of us at Team Cycles, offer an array of options tailored to your commuting needs.

Picture this: effortlessly conquering challenging terrains, carrying hefty loads, all while enjoying the wind in your hair. The Benno Bikes Boost E and RemiDemi EVO 2 redefines cargo biking. Their rugged frames, paired with Bosch Performance motors, promise a commanding and composed ride. There’s easily enough room to fit all your working essentials in, whether that be using pannier bags on the rear or even a nifty little basket/bag carrier on the front. I always hear people say the bike baskets and panniers are “ugly”, “not very fashionable” and that they “just get right in the way.” The Benno Bikes, however, squash all these claims with their main aim to replace the need for using a car for journeys under 15km (15km would take roughly 30-45 mins on a Benno – Surprising?…We know). You need to just check it out for yourselves.

Meanwhile, the compact TREK Fetch+ 2 and 4 introduce a family-friendly dimension to e-biking, making every commute a delightful adventure. The Fetch+ range of bikes from TREK are available in 2 options, the Fetch+2 is the smaller one of TREK’s cargo fleet which fits most of its luggage on the rear of the bike, using add-on carriers and racks. It also can seat 2 small passengers on the rear rack with the use of additional seats.

The Fetch+ 4 on the other hand has the cargo space at the front of the bike whilst the rider sits firmly at the back side of the bike. This bike is just a larger version of the Fetch+ 2 and comes with a large front cargo box, enough room to do more than just your weekly shop. It even can fit up to 5 small passengers inside the actual cargo box! This to me ticks all the boxes should you need to drop the kids off at school and pop in to do the weekly shop afterwards. Especially with the influx of investment to make roads safer for cyclists, it is only a matter of time before these become the norm.

BUT! it isn’t just all about cargo; it’s about versatility. Our Electric Hybrid/Mountain Bikes empower urban explorers and nature enthusiasts alike. From conquering city streets to venturing off the beaten path, these bikes combine power, style, and comfort for a truly dynamic riding experience. Take a look at the TREK Dual Sport+ for example, a bike with style, comfort and versatility. The Dual Sport+ is the perfect e-bike for riders with a short commute to work of no more than 30 minutes of riding time. It is a cheaper alternative than a car and allows you to be able to avoid all the traffic and maybe even find a shorter, more enjoyable route to work!

The main question we get asked about e-bikes is about the price, so let’s talk numbers – Starting off with the bus. A £92 monthly bus pass (28-day Tyne and Wear ticket) versus the Benno Bikes starting at £4,505 or TREK Fetch+ from £3,900. The bus is a difficult one to compare it to as the bus is usually a relatively cheap way to travel around the North-East with tickets ranging from only £2 for a single ticket, all the way up to the previously mentioned £92 for a monthly pass. It would be very difficult for me to persuade you of the cost-benefit of choosing to travel via an e-bike over the bus as it would take 4 years to pay off if you base it on the cost of a monthly bus fare.

However!…. I have tried both cycling and catching the bus to test this out from a convenience point of view. My journey to work is just over 5 miles, if I were to catch the bus to be able to get to work in time, I would have to leave an hour and a half before my start time of 9 o’clock. This is to allow me enough time to walk to the bus stop, wait for the bus to arrive, the journey itself, and the 25-minute wait at the other end before the work doors are open! Yet when I choose the e-bike, it is a mere 20-minute commute to work with no issues, which cuts my total commute time by over an hour each day. If you were to add this up over the year it would add up to a total of over 10 days you have wasted just catching the bus to work. To me that’s a no brainer.

Travelling by car, on the other hand, is just as convenient as the e-bike however there is a substantial cost element to purchasing a car: insurance, tax, fuel, and servicing are only a few of the things you require to drive a car. Taking into consideration the price of a 2nd hand car in the North-East, which Gumtree claims is around £11k. It would make settling on an e-bike much easier given that it is over half the price of the car alone. That isn’t taking into consideration the price of the extras that are needed to drive. Additionally, the maintenance costs of e-bikes are so much smaller in comparison to a car as a Team Cycles Super Deluxe Service which is a complete strip-down and rebuild of the bike only comes to £230…..for. an. ENTIRE. strip. down.

Beyond the monetary savings, cycling offers a priceless benefit: improved health. Pedal your way to fitness with the ergonomic design of our bikes, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable ride. Whether it’s a leisurely ride or an adrenaline-pumping commute, electric bikes make exercise an integral part of your daily routine.

Choosing an electric bike isn’t just a personal benefit; it’s an environmental commitment. Reduce your carbon footprint, contribute to cleaner air, and be a part of the movement towards sustainable transportation. Every pedal stroke becomes a step towards a healthier planet and as Ultra-Low Emission Zones (ULEZ) and Clean Air Zones become more prevalent, electric bikes emerge as the savvy choice.

As we navigate the Tyne Bridge’s five weeks of essential restoration, electric bikes emerge as the undisputed heroes of hassle-free commuting. The road closures and lane restrictions, though temporary, can be a significant source of stress for traditional commuters. But with our electric bikes, you not only dodge the traffic but revel in the joy of a smooth and efficient journey.

In conclusion, we offer more than just a mode of transportation. We offer a lifestyle upgrade – a chance to transform the mundane into the extraordinary. Navigate the Tyne Bridge roadworks with ease, embrace a healthier lifestyle, contribute to a greener planet, and revel in the joy of a commute that transcends the ordinary. Join us on this electric revolution, where every pedal stroke propels you towards a brighter, more sustainable future.


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