Introducing the Whyte Bikes E-180 Works MX Super Enduro Electric Mountain Bike – a true companion for enthusiasts seeking exhilarating rides through challenging landscapes. Crafted with cutting-edge technology, this bike redefines the essence of cycling pleasure. Engineered with a commanding motor, resilient suspension, and premium-grade components, it shines as a standout in the market.

A remarkable highlight of this bike centers around its formidable Bosch Performance Line CX Limited Edition Race 85Nm motor + 750Wh battery. Unleashing a peak torque of 85 Nm and an impressive 340% maximum power output, the motor seamlessly blends power and efficiency. It imparts a velvety, organic riding feel, ensuring optimal support and aid during arduous ascents and demanding trails.

The battery’s design prioritizes energy conservation, yielding an extended range that liberates riders to revel in longer journeys without fretting over battery depletion.

Further elevating the E-180’s allure is its sophisticated suspension arrangement. Boasting a 180mm RockShox Zeb Ultimate fork alongside a meticulously tuned Whyte custom RockShox Super Deluxe Ultimate RCT rear suspension, it strikes an equilibrium between control and suspension prowess. This dynamic setup empowers riders to navigate even the most formidable terrains with grace and comfort.

Complementing the experience, the bike embraces a SRAM XX1 Eagle 12-speed drivetrain, ensuring fluid, precise gear shifts. This component seamlessly fuses velocity and command, enabling swift, effortless transitions between gears.

The Whyte Bikes E-180 Works MX Super Enduro Electric Mountain Bike epitomises an exceptional cycling venture, endowing riders with an unmatched expedition. Boasting an influential motor, resilient suspension, premium components, and an eco-conscious battery, it caters to riders who demand superlative performance. Novice or seasoned, this bike promises unwavering support and assistance, making any terrain surmountable with aplomb.

WAS £9,799 // NOW £7,999 (as of 8th August 2023)


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