We’ve put together a list of our TOP Christmas gifts every rider would want this festive season. If you want to guarantee a WOW when the presents are unwrapped… have a look at the below; 

  1. In at number 1 is the best Christmas present of them all…. Socks! Who doesn’t love opening a pair of fresh socks on Christmas Day? We have a fair few different pairs to choose from whether it be Rapha Pro Team Socks in Lime Green, Chapeau’s Lightweight Performance Socks or Madison’s Merino Wool Waterproof Socks. All of these would be great little gifts for any cyclist and the perfect stocking filler! 
  1. Number 2 is for those technology geeks out there. How about as their main present, the new Wahoo Elemnt Roam Cycling GPS Computer? They’re brand new to the cycling market and are a massive upgrade in the world of cycling computers. With many new features such as a 64-colour screen, Dual Band GPS, SYSTM Outdoor Structured Workouts, Route Sharing and much more…this computer will get a WOW on Christmas day. Best raid that piggy bank, they are a bit pricey so would be ideal as a main present, however if this is a touch out of budget our Gift Number 3 could be an alternative so keep on reading and see what you can find! 
  1. Our 3rd gift idea is the Bontrager RIDEtime Cycling computer. A fantastic gift for someone who isn’t bothered about how many watts they’re pumping out, being notified when the next Strava segment is approaching or how many gels they need to consume before they start going cross eyed. If they just want to go out and ride a bike, see how far they’ve gone and how fast they’re going, this cycling computer is ideal. It’s simple and easy to use and the Bontrager RIDEtime gives you the ride metrics that matter most in a sleek, user-friendly package. A large, easy-to-read screen makes it simple to track your speed, time, distance and more!  
  1. Now at number 4, you can NOT go wrong with a set of these….LIGHTS! And depending on how much you want to spend, they could be great to fill out a stocking or even as a main gift. For a standalone gift the new TREK branded lights are fantastic and can be purchased as a front and rear set, they have two options and they are the Trek Commuter Comp R Flare R City Bike Light Set which come in at £99.99 and the more expensive Trek Commuter Pro Rt/Flare Rt Bike Light Set which is £189.99. If you’re looking more for little stocking filler I’d recommend either the Bontrager Ion 120/Flare Light In Black or the Bontrager Glo/Ember Light Set BlackLight Glo/Ember Light Set Black which both come in at under £25. 
  1. CLOTHING CLOTING CLOTHING! Rapha kit takes the number 5 spot this year with many different pieces to suit every rider and their environment. If the person who you are gifting these to is a road rider, you can’t go wrong with a new jersey! If you are looking for a present they can use straight away, maybe go for a Long Sleeve Core Jersey, a Brevet Gilet or a Merino Wool Base Layer…all of which would be a great present to keep them warm when out riding. 
  1. In at number 6 is clothing for the MTB rider. We had to give them their own number as there are things you could buy a MTB rider that a road rider wouldn’t go near. As well as clothing such as the Rapha Trail T Shirt or the Long Sleeve Technical Shirt, what about some knee pads or elbow pads? Troy Lee Designs do some cracking bits of body armour which range from around £40 to £75 but also Rapha have brought out some knee pads, which some of you folk may think I’m biased towards our main brands (I am, I have to be 😉) however, honestly speaking…from a design and build quality perspective, these would also be a great gift!  
  1. In the 7th spot, we are taking things a bit more seriously…There would be nothing worse than getting a new bike on Christmas day, taking it for a spin, popping into a coffee shop to return outside and find someone has stolen your fresh wheels. So, number 7 is a Lock! Locks are one of the main things to be overlooked when getting a new bike so why not help a friend out and gift them a lock this Christmas? Check out the Bontrager Pro Lock…this is a decent bit of kit to lock your bike up that doesn’t break the bank. If you think they would want a bit more security, you probably want to opt for the Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Chain Lock. 
  1. Number 8! Looking for some stocking fillers? Accessories are a great way to bulk up a stocking this Christmas without leaving a hole in your wallet/purse. A good way for a rider to accessorise their bike would be to get them a set of DMR Deathgrip handlebar grips for MTB riders or maybe some SUPACAZ Bar Tape/ Bottle cage combo for the road riders.  
  1. Number 9 is a classic, literally anything Muc-Off related would go down a treat. Bike cleaner, Ceramic Lube, Tubeless Valves…you name it, they would want it. 
  1. TREK Marlin 5…don’t need to say anything more. 

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